Immigration Attorney New Jersey, NJ

Immigration Attorney New Jersey

Prashant law firm is the best immigration law firm in new jersey which has helped several of their clients to successfully complete their immigration process. Mr. Prashant is the best immigration attorney of Princeton who has a vast experience in handling immigration cases. Facing the U.S. government agencies involved in the immigration process is a tough job. But our lawyers are experts of immigration law of new jersey who have been representing immigrating clients from a long time in front of government agencies like the Citizenship and Immigration attorney services in New Jersey & New York (USCIS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Executive Office for Immigration Review (both the immigration attorney courts and Board of Immigration Appeals) and federal courts.

Mr. Prashant is the best immigration attorney in new jersey as aspiring people from all over the world has been our clients. Mr. Prashant being the best immigration attorney NJ knows that almost all clients have different reasons for immigration. Some clients are interested in migrating their family members to the US, while others are, all of a sudden, going through the problem of extradition after residing in the US for a plenty of years as a green card holder. Clients generally have a range of professions. Some of them are artists, skilled professionals or financial investors looking to set up their business in America. But, one common thing which they share with each other is that all need some kind of visa in their process of immigration. These visas can be provisional irrelevant to the fact that they may want to either work, study or settle down in US permanently.

Mr. Prashant being the best immigration attorney in new jersey help prospective immigrants with all the following immigration attorney and naturalization matters.

    • Student Visa (F-1), Exchange visitors (J-1), Religious workers (R-1), or Temporary workers (H1-B)
    • Employment-based Green Cards
    • Family-based Green Cards
    • Employment Authorization Document (EAD card)
    • Investor/Investment Visas (EB5)
    • Asylum petitions
    • Intra-company transfers (L-1)
    • Fiancee Visa (K)
    • Spouse Visa
    • Deportation defense
    • Federal Challenges
    • Appeals: denial of benefit

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