Immigration Attorney New York, NY

Immigration Attorney New York

Mr. Prashant is the best immigration attorney in New York who has dealt with a variety of immigration cases in the past several years. Some of them include acquiring permanent residency or full citizenship of USA, getting work visa, deportation cases, seeking refugee status or asylum in USA or getting immigration waivers for suitable immigrants. This makes him one of the best immigration lawyer in NY as he knows the way to handle a broad range of issues related to immigration.

Citizenship or permanent residency cases

With the help of Mr. Prashant, an experienced immigration attorney in New York, many people saw their immigration applications processed in record time. Mr. Prashant’s immigration law firm gives equal importance to all cases and they monitor the more complex cases round the clock.

One of the biggest reasons behind the rejection of Immigration applications is the paperwork. Improper paperwork makes it nearly impossible for the application to get approved. The experienced team at Prashant law firm helps prospective immigrants with each and every immigration form. This increases the overall chances of the application getting approved.

Acquiring a Work Visa

Work Visas are the second most sought after Immigration approvals after permanent residency or full citizenship. Prashant law firm helps immigrants to acquire work visas in various categories.

Deportation cases

Deportation cases witness the most gruel court proceedings than the entire immigration system. Having a right lawyer in such cases becomes essential as that would affect your chances of staying in the United States.

Seeking refuge, asylum or immigration waivers

Along with the above, seeking refuge or asylum in the United states also comes in the list of complex process, in which taking help from an experienced immigration lawyer almost becomes necessary. Prashant law firm has the ability to deal with such cases effectively. Mr. Prashant also work hard to get immigration waivers for all eligible immigrants.

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