Trademark Attorney in New York

Trademark Attorney in New York

Trademark protects the brand identity of any product. They help customers identify and remember the source of any product. Trademarks can be of different types. They may be in the form of words, symbols, colors, shapes, or even smells.

A single company may have multiple trademarks. Such companies often need the services of a trademark attorney who could protect their trademarks from being misused or reused. Prashant law firm is the best law firm in New York to represent companies in cases of security of trademarks.

Trademark Protection

Prashant law firm helps its clients in registering and protecting the trademarks. Mr. Prashant is an experienced trademark attorney in New York. He knows the right approach to prevent the trademarks from being misused by other companies.

Trademark Protection Counselling

Mr. Prashant is the best trademark protection attorney in New York. He also provides Trademark protection counseling to its clients. In the counseling, he provides different ways and legal solutions for protecting the trademarks.

Trademark Search and Analysis

Mr. Prashant and his team perform trademark searches and analysis to check the availability of a trademark. They check whether a given trademark can be registered in the concerned authority or not.

Registering Trademarks Internationally

Prashant law firm helps its clients register their trademarks internationally under the Madrid Agreement.

Currently, 90 countries are part of the Madrid system. This system is by far the biggest single international system for facilitating the registration of trademarks of different companies around the world.

Issuing Trademarks Licenses and Forming Agreements

Under trademark licensing, an owner of a trademark grants permission to another individual or a company to use that trademark in its businesses. Prashant law firm offers legal services in forming agreements for granting the trademark licenses.

Prashant law firm also helps in forming co-branding or license agreements between multiple parties. Co-branding allows multiple brand names of different companies to be used on a single product. It increases the popularity and credibility of the product and increases the overall sales of the product. Co-branding is actually a license agreement allowing use of brand names or trademarks on products of the other company. But license agreements may even be created for establishing partnerships between two companies in various other categories.

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